rainbowR is a community that supports, promotes and connects LGBTQ+ people who code in the R language, and spreads awareness of LGBTQ+ issues through data-driven activism.

We are a friendly and safe community, providing opportunities for LGBTQ+ people with an interest in R to meet, chat and learn.

We use LGBTQ+ people as a term to cover

To our straight, cis friends: we very much appreciate your allyship and your support of rainbowR, e.g. by sharing our information and posts on social media and by telling your friends and colleagues about us.

We run activities and initiatives, including monthly meet-ups and the buddies scheme, and we’re soon launching a book club.

Get involved!

If you are LGBTQ+ and want to join the rainbowR community, please fill in the join form. We aim to respond within a couple of days. You’ll receive a personal welcome email and an invitation to the Slack group. In the sign-up form, you can also opt-in to our newsletter.

We welcome everyone, LGBTQ+ or not, who is interested in promoting LGBTQ+ people and issues in the R community and beyond, to follow and engage with us on Mastodon, tech.lgbt/@rainbowR.

Meet the team!

Ella Kaye (she/her), community co-founder and co-lead

Ella is a Research Software Engineer in the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick, UK. She works to increase sustainability and EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) in the R Project.

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Hanne Oberman (she/her, they/them), community co-lead

Hanne is a PhD candidate in the department of Methodology and Statistics at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. As part of their research on missing data methods, Hanne created and maintains R packages for valid analyses on incomplete datasets.

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Daniel D. Sjoberg (he/him)

Daniel is a Senior Principal Data Scientist at Genentech. He is an avid developer, enjoying writing and collaborating on open-source R packages.

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Previous team members

Zane Dax (she/they), community co-lead: website, GitHub

Ben Ulloa Ortiz, community co-founder

Erin LeDell, community co-founder